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World-Class Leadership

David Roberts

CEO / Lead Negotiator

David Roberts

Title:  CEO / Lead Negotiator

  • 35+ Years in telecom/IT
  • Personally involved & supervised over $13 Billion in telecom contract procurement
  • Most Experienced Enterprise-level Telecom Contract Negotiator in the World
  • Developed major methodology Patent for telecom rate analysis (2005)
  • Leading Contractual Revenue Shortfall Expert
  • Recognized World-wide Expert on Telecom and IT Contracts
  • Responsible for Industry-Best Commercial Terms Development
  • Various Industry Innovation/Leadership Awards
  • Telecom Technology CEO of the Year (twice) – C-Suite Awards
  • Ernst & Young, Regional Finalist – Entrepreneur of the Year (2012)

Anthony Chappie

Title: Business Development Executive/Customer Coordination

  • • 10+ Years in Marketing and Development
    • University of Texas State – Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Minor in Business
    • Established key partnerships with Fortune 500 Companies such as the National Basketball Association and Michael Kors.
    • Planning and Coordination of sales policies and programs, including assessing demand for products and services offered by multiple firms.
    • Key Partnership Development of over 100 opportunities across multiple companies
    • Industry Expert for Multiple Early-Stage Companies for Optimizing Growth Strategies
    • Customer Engagement Proficiency through Various Channels
    • Outbound Marketing Strategy Expert
    • Expert Customer Communication Coordinator

Travis Roberts

Title: Chief Operating Officer / Project Lead

  • 12+ Years in Telecom/IT
  • Harvard Law School – Negotiation Program Certification (2016)
  • Thousands of Individually Negotiated Telecom Contracts
  • Served as Outsourced Telecom Contract Compliance Officer
  • Project Lead for over 50 Major Enterprise Telecom RFP’s
  • Involved with over 300+ Telecom RFP’s in various roles
  • Senior Dispute Resolution Liaison on Contract Issues
  • Certified Telecom Cost Reduction Analyst
  • Direct Contract & Sourcing Consulting